Walking in the Smokies Horse Show Sevierville, Tennessee

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Dear Potential Supporter,

Horse shows have historically been a way for communities to get together, appreciate and celebrate the majestic horse while participating in a social event. While competitors, volunteers and spectators come together and enjoy a day of equine activities there are others in need in this community. Help us with your donation/sponsorship achieve our goal to help Isaiah House.

We ask for your consideration to assist in our horse show April 8-10, 2021 in Sevierville, TN. This event will be attended by people within the community and throughout Tennessee and other states. Included in this packet is a Sponsorship Form which explains all donation/sponsorship options. 

The importance of planning can never be overstated. Some groups spend several months or even a year planning an event. We sincerely ask you to give serious thought to assist with this fundraising event, so with your generous support we can donate to Isaiah House.  

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